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Pelvic X-Ray

Patient Info

Dr. Kiefer cares for patients at Georgetown Pain 

Management, which is comprehensive pain management practice comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of highly-trained pain medicine specialists committed to providing an accurate assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of all pain-related disorders. The practice provides a variety of interventions and therapies including the latest cutting-edge minimally invasive treatments and other advanced therapies.

The pain management specialists at Georgetown Pain Management are dedicated to the management of various chronic pain syndromes that are often intractable and difficult to treat, and they aim to treat such disorders with empathy and compassion. They are often referred challenging cases from other area practices and welcome the opportunity to care for patients with complex medical histories. Time is taken to get to know each patient and a personalized plan is created based on the patient's needs and values.

Future and current patients can find more information at:

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